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Home and garden signs and plaques

We send these uniquely designed and produced hardwood signboards all over the country.  From Caithness and Sutherland in the north, to the Isle of Uist - the very edge of the UK on the west coast of Scotland, and to places like Falmouth, Southampton and villages in Kent in the south of England, and everywhere in-between. Also of course locally throughout Easter Ross and Inverness shire.

The beauty and appeal of oak - king of woods, in our view - is timeless and therefore is our hardwood of choice for our house signboards.  We also use it for our backing plinths for our brass plaques. This robust wood carves beautifully and when varnished looks absolutely splendid.

You can view a selection in our photo gallery.

We design and produce a variety of sizes and shapes - standard rectangular, elliptical, arched top and of course swept arch top.  These basic shapes pretty much satisfy most customer's requirements.  Nevertheless we will design and construct to practically any shape should you have something special in mind - just let us know and we can work to your specifications.

Typeface choice is extensive - in fact we can carve almost any typeface you see on a computer, and in just about any size.  We in-fill text using proper signwriter's enamel and use yacht varnish by default for finishing off. Altogether a splendid job and one that will grace your property in the way you would wish.

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