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Engraved Signs, Plaques and Labels - the long-term choice for you to fit and forget!

Engraved traffolyte laminate, brass nameplates, signs and plaques, memorial and commemorative plaques and engraved signs for business or home. All available in a range of materials including brass, traffolyte, flexible engraving laminate, stainless steel and anodised aluminium. We also produce carved hardwood signboards and solid hardwood backboards and plinths for mounting.

Fast Turnaround

Traffolyte - a generic name for rigid engraving laminate - offers a time honoured method of quickly producing sharp and clearly legible, long lasting and robust signs and labels. Most often used in the Oil & Gas and Industrial Electrical industries, this is the no fuss cost effective product. Supplied in a range of colour combinations including safety notice colours.

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First Impressions

Nothing makes a statement like a solid brass nameplate. This has been the material of choice of the professions since the days of Dickens and remains so to this day. Our brass plaques are individually designed and deep engraved and in-filled in the traditional manner - we keep a craft alive. We can reproduce your company logo and also offer hardwood backing plinths if required.

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The mighty Oak!

The material chosen equally by the sailing ship builders for its robustness and longevity, and by Thomas Chippendale for its workability and classic appearance, still today holds the title of king of hardwoods. Oak is our preferred hardwood for producing our house signboards, but not only these. We also offer alternative hardwoods such as mahogany and others.

We can design and produce to your ideas or requirements - alternatively we will design for you and provide you with a proof before going ahead.

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Permanently Engraved

Normally in Brass but also produced from a range of plastic or phenolic materials, these plaques are custom designed and produced according to their purpose.

Their uses are numerous, including Opening Ceremonies, Memorial Palques on buildings and more often on park or garden benches (we also supply benches), Awards for merit and of course Commemoration.

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Whatever your particular needs are, if it's a robust clear sign or label, then we can help - just ask ...


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